The most "Personalized" tax services you can find in America.

  • Accurate returns

    “Taxes By Radha” is a firm that guarantees that a CPA will review your work or will work by themselves to get your Tax Returns ready. If that is not enough, we stand behind our work, should you have an unlikely IRS contact, we will own the response at all times.

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  • Available 365 Days

    “Taxes By Radha” does not close down after the Tax season. We remain open to answer all your queries, always behind you and always working in your favor. We do not shut doors after April 15

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  • Easy to Use

    Get a quote. Submit your tax information. Upload tax documents. Don't have all the information ? Save your work and continue later. Have questions Skype us.

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Our Services

Personal Taxes

Your tax return will be prepared by an experienced tax preparer who understands the nuances of taxes and hence limits contacts by the IRS. The returns are rechecked by the professional tax preparation software providing the best combination in preparing your tax returns. Learn More

Business Taxes

Today’s tax environment brings home a world of challenges. It’s an environment in which tax authorities seek to maximize revenue, and where every tax decision an organization makes may come under increasing regulatory and legislative scrutiny.Learn More

International Executive Services

Relocation is a big change for you and your family. Getting settled in the country is your top priority. Understanding the tax laws and how they apply to you for your incomes across the two countries is not something you want to deal by yourself. Learn More

IRS Audit Consultation

When the IRS sends a letter and you really want a professional to handle the matter, please get in touch with us. We will walk you through the details of the letter and how to best respond to the IRS. We will take care of submitting amended returns if you want that as a part of your consultation.Learn More

Meet & Greet

Walk in to our offices and meet our tax professionals. We are located at

24539 SE 44th St, Issaquah WA 98209

Questions ? Email Us.

Have questions ? Start by giving us your email address. Describe your situation. A TaxesByRadha tax professional will get back to you.